ITCraft ERP system and solutions

Development of ERP systems started some time ago in the early 2000s. IT served for automation management of retail, wholesale and distribution businesses. Opportunities of enterprise resource planning system allow you to implement the automation of all the structures of: head offices and branches, affiliates, outlets and warehouse complex.

Integration solutions for complex company ITCraft ERP systems (including rent of ERP 1C and other cloud-based solutions) mainly targeted at small and medium-sized businesses, it may also be used for large businesses. ERP system and automation of business processes that use enterprise can help to increase sales and the development level of the entire enterprise.

Integration services by ITCraft for ERP system include:

Modules Web-design Service solutions

E-shop management
Franchisee / Distributin network
Related options

E-shop development
E-shop and 1C integration
Web site development

1C for rent
IP telephony
IP surveilance

Enterprise resource planning system includes document management, procurement management, customer relationship management (CRM), management of pricing and discounts for different groups of customers, management of online store goods, online store product management from ERP 1C, etc.

Cost is one of that factors that significantly affect the choice of an ERP system. Our clients who uses service solutions company, give it a very high score for its work based solutions that optimally match approach "Value-to-Money".

Cost of ERP- systems for various industries is calculated individually and will depend on the number of licenses requested and the amount of work to implement the system and configure it.