Golden rules of Internet marketing

Today we are talking about Internet Marketing and its basic rules, following which you can successfully develop your business.

Rule of the opponent side

If you carry out marketing in the Internet, you must clearly imagine that “at the far end” is a real person, not a robot answering machine that answers your advertising appeals. These persons have their desires, their dreams and their goals. They want to improve their lives and, quite possibly, they are looking for this opportunity. But your potential clients can be simultaneously and their fears, concerns, and it is absolutely no reason to believe you in the first few minutes of acquaintance.

ERROR! Imagine a person who comes up to you on the street and immediately begins to recruit you. What would be your reaction? Even despite the fact that you can see the man and hear his voice, the likelihood that you immediately believe it is very low. In virtual space is more difficult, because you are dealing with someone via text or voice.

RULE. Use communications software to establish relationships. ATTENTION! We work in a business relationship. Only after you meet, find common interests with each other, have shown interest in your counterpart, you can make a business proposal. And the best way to do it: send your candidate (with his consent) previously prepared an information package by email or invite to visit your page on the Internet.

Rule “Do not force”

You already know that the Internet opens up endless possibilities for business. But the internet is not a “magic pill” capable fabulously enrich you in a short time. The main thing that must be taken is that in cyberspace recruitment process takes much longer than in real life. You cannot go against the nature of the Internet, we cannot go against the laws of human communication. First you need to invest time and effort to establish a trusting relationship with potential candidates, and it can take from three to six months. If you are in a hurry, then you are guaranteed to fail! Internet has its limitations, but also a lot of advantages. If you properly use the Internet, you get a powerful tool for building a business, along with telephone, fax and voice mail. Once again do not force people to make decisions.

Rule of the Instrument

Internet is a powerful tool, and nothing more. Tool to identify interested candidates, clients, communication and learning. But using one of the Internet you are unlikely to build a strong stable business. We should not forget about such a powerful tool as a phone and ... yourself. So after you are interested in anyone over the Internet, be sure to call your candidate, well after he starts work, agree with him about the date of your arrival.

Rule “Water wears away the stone”

When you have identified the candidate concerned, very tempted to lose him as much as possible about your material features. Sound familiar to experience in real life? Your candidates usually not withstand “brain congestion”. Such tactics are doomed to failure!

RULE: Use method dispensing information. It is important to ensure that after studying your materials, the candidate has a desire to learn more, then you send him the following letter, after reading that it still has the desire to know more, etc. Imagine how to increase your effectiveness when you create a series of letters? So earn your candidates wanted to know more and send it to them!