Useful tips for retailers how to switch to e-commerce?

Tips for retailersE-commerce - a complex and fast-changing market. Below are some tips retailers about what is e-commerce and what you should pay special attention.
Plan, implementation of which depends on the quality of the transition from retail to e-commerce:

  • Strategy for the development of e-commerce;
  • Market research in the subject market sector;
  • Analysis of the audience;
  • Organizational development / resources required;
  • Optimization of web development;
  • Audit;

The development strategy of e-commerce:

Transition from retail to e-commerce is implemented with the aim to attract more customers and maximize success. During construction, the strategy using the various available technologies and operations that will help you on the path to success.

Marketing research in the subject market sector:

Expect growth in traffic and increase sales? Want to create and protect your marketing budget? Focus on certain aspects of the future Internet business. It is not necessary to spend the budget for extra stuff. Focus their efforts on priority and global. For example, you need to develop an online store, the main aspects that are worthy of attention and predict the budget will:

  1. choice of web studios, the cost of developing an online store.
  2. CMS (Content Management System) - a system that will be used to manage the contents of your online store, whether it is free or not.
  3. Logistics - Analysis of logistics firms, temporary placement of goods, courier services analysis, implementation planning deliveries to regions.
  4. Etc.

Audience analysis:

Explore the market and its audience, which will be implemented products or services? Rely on the expertise of professionals who can lead competent advice and consider your subject area of ​​the market, as well as to analyze its audience. For example, if you sell only suitable for children, the competitors in this market can become major online stores that sell not only accessible, but also other products for children (clothing, toys, and accessories). Of course, to find an area in which there are no competitors - unlikely, but a qualitative analysis of the audience will further minimize the cost of promoting the project.

Organizational Development / necessary resources:

Search managers who will handle online orders, online recruitment consultant(s) who will advise potential buyers, etc.


Internet resource audit after launch is necessary in order to evaluate the impact of implementation. Perform audit of the resource in order to identify existing "gaps", identify new opportunities, prioritize and plan the next stage of development. Including technical and performance auditing content.