Key indicators of online store performance

Any owner of an online store primarily wants to get high and stable earnings. It is absolutely unimportant that offers a virtual marketplace: plastic box or, for example, modern smartphones. To achieve obtaining permanent income can be regularly tracking the results of the resource. Productivity indicators web site a lot, they are major and minor.

What to look for?

In order to run more efficiently site, you need to always keep under control the nuances of the following:

  1. Traffic. It is necessary to regularly review the level of attendance of the resource for different periods: day, week, month, quarter. The processing of these data will help make the necessary adjustments in a timely manner in the marketing strategy. You should also determine the sources of traffic and allocate them to contribute more funds from the budget.
  2. Popular sections. It is advisable to see to which pages are most popular with customers, and on this basis to draw conclusions about whether it is convenient navigation of the site. Sometimes a developer does not take into account the fact that, users simply do not see some menu items, and therefore can not visit them.
  3. Exit Pages. Need to find out from what section of the store customers often go: from the basket, directory, or menu compulsory registration. This will give clarity about what exactly the time a person loses interest in the visited sites and how to remedy the situation.
  4. Returning customers. It is important to know how often do regular users log on to the platform and what attracts them there. This will help to build up a plan of their own actions.

The above are the main performance indicators selling website. Working with them will bring the opportunity creator trading platform to increase your income.