Online clothing store automation

ITCraft group company implemented integration of online clothing for babies store CMS with ERP system 1C. Integration of an online store and ERP 1C is a bilateral integration: module for online store management is installed as by ERP system and by CMS OpenCart.

Online clothing store for babies has a large range of products with the presence of different variations of the same product models. On request, we developed an atypical solution for ERP 1C to create dependent options for products. Here you can see an example of dependent options.

Data exchange between ERP and OpenCart

This integration system is supported by special service offerings which were developed with the support of ITCraft group company in accordance with peculiarities and demands of e-commerce. The advantage of data exchange between OpenCart and ERP 1C is a high quality processing of incoming orders. You won't miss a single application client, and it's easy to monitor the availability of goods and the timing of them.

Integration of an online store and ERP 1C now is not just an additional opportunity, but also a great need. Online store integrations is effective and convenient way of doing business in the field of e-commerce.