Online store design


1. The design of an online store in the first place should perform selling. Buyers should be involved with the design: large and bright slider, additional blocks. Information and texts should be positioned so that the key points have been allocated correctly, as a rule buyers almost do not read texts on the site, but only take key points.

Online shop in St. Petersburg

On the main page - no text. Of course, to promote the online store usign of texts would be better, but for such a large business it does not matter. Buyer can go directly to the interesting goods or category page. On the top banner is presented. Here, too, everything is in harmony done. Text in the minimum (greeting at the bottom), i.e., products and categories are on the top. You can see that all blocks are lockated on the right in one color. We would advise not to select blocks with discounts and information that shop has a high rating of Yandex.Market with one color. Buyers are intrested in rating and benefits of the store less, than with blocks of discounts.


2. Design of the site - it's not all, this is not just a picture. Functionality should be laid out in detail. Here's a great example of a site with a remarkable functional It is evident that the site is designed for human, not search engine. Convenient search filter products, several ways to get the goods in the list. Several types of images is provided: the image of the goods, as the glasses look on the person, the size of points.

Buy online store design

You can buy online store design from $15 to $70 and above. It all depends on what type of template you need to purchase: HTML-template or CMS template.

Order unique online store design will be, of course, more expensive, because the pattern is developed directly for your needs, the functionality of the site and corporate identity.

How to install a template for OpenCart

  1. Download folder with the template provided on the site in the folder "catalog / view / theme".
  2. Go to admin panel of your online store and in the "System" section select "Options."
  3. Opposite the name of the store, click on the "Edit" button.
  4. On the "Store" find "Template" and select from the dropdown list matching.

Useful Tips
  • What to do if your archive template file does not work.
  • You need to make sure that the file format is structured with ".zip" or ".tar".


  • Folder "admin" and "catalog".
  • Make sure that the folder "admin" and "catalog" are in the root.