How to open a business: hostel or bed & breakfast

For those who do not know, the hostel - it is something like a small hotel. How to open it? What starting amount is needed ? Is it possible to open a hostel in your own apartment?
Let's take a closer look at these questions.

To open a business in St. Petersburg, you will need to:

  • convert your apartment or rent a room;
  • acquire a minimum set of accessories and furniture.

As an option as a service for the provision of accommodation and temporary accommodation can offer the customer beds at low cost. This option will attract the students, people traveling in groups, people on a business trip, as they often do not want to pay large sums for accommodation.

Minimum set of furniture and equipment that is necessary for the hostel includes:

  • bunk beds,
  • tables,
  • chairs,
  • equipment for toilet and shower rooms (usually they are shared by the guests)

To open the hostel will need a relatively small starting capital - is the biggest plus of this business. The initial cost is 500,000 rubles. The money will go to:

  • rent;
  • utilities;
  • repair of premises;
  • furnishing;
  • Plumbing fixtures and equipment;
  • website creation and advertising;
  • contingencies (always remember about them, and never removes this item from your business plan).

Do not skimp on buying a bed for the hostel. Man, that has selected a hostel wants to relax, take a shower and sleep, so the bed is better to choose of the parameters of 90 cm to 200 cm, and better buy orthopedic mattresses .
Design of bed linen and quality must be selected according to the overall design of the room.

If you plan to open a hostel in the region, first of all learn the level of demand for this service:

  1. the level of tourism in the city;
  2. program of large-scale events, which take place in the city (concerts, celebrations, festivals, etc.)

f you are staying in the rental premises, remember that in the capital lease will cost you no less than 130-150 thousand. Rubles.
The most important thing - is the ability to settle relations with its neighbors, many badly accustomed to the fact that a number of people there are always new.


You will need:

  • Two administrators who need to know at least one foreign language. They will introduce hostel to the guests and to make a first impression. They should be friendly and welcoming.
  • Maids. They will keep order.

Advertising hostel

One of the most important items of expenditure is advertising. Your potential customers should immediately see what you offer and at what price.

A sample list of services that you can provide:

  • overnight;
  • breakfast;
  • shower and toilet;
  • Free Wi-Fi (need to keep up with the times);
  • also for an additional fee, you can provide a laundry service.

Do not forget that flophouse and hostel - two different things. Hostel must surround the visitor with comfort and a welcoming atmosphere.