Ways to integrate online store

Online shop can be integrated with various modules, payment systems and even social networks.

Payment for online shopping

Integration of an online store and payment system, i.e. various payment methods, means that the client has chosen one or another convenient way and pay for his/her order. Thus, in order to be noted that it can be paid for and sent to the buyer. The task of the payment system of an online store is to track the payment for a product or products and marking the payment in the order.

Payment Order options in online stores

  • payment by cash during receipt of goods in delivery service
  • payment by cash on delivery by a courier
  • bank transfer
  • payment for the goods to a bank card or account

Payment modules for online store on CMS OpenCart

  • Free: Sberbank Online, Best2Pay, Payments Bitcoin, Nextpay, Onlymoney and others.
  • Fee-paying: Payment module " Promsvyazbank ", Payment to  Svyaznoy Bank card- Terminal Svyaznoy, Kiwi, Robokassa with function of delayed payment, PayPal Standart, Interkassa, Paymaster and others.

Accounting system

Order store integration with payment system

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Accounting system

There are many types of systems integration site management and 1C. The basis of each is a personal experience of developers and illustrative examples of the sites integration and online stores.

Integration with 1C Store is a service settings automatically transfer information from 1C to the store site. For organizations that have products or services, the integration promises to reduce the amount of transfer data (products and catalogs) between bases (base 1C and base online store). Integration with 1C Online Shop is the most profitable system of trade:

  • Automatic data transfer to the online store catalog from 1C;
  • Easily customizable schedule for the exchange of information about products, prices and services of the site;
  • Download all data about orders from the CMS to 1C, the processing of these orders;

Meteor-it company configures the system integration of the store and 1C through the module M-IT: Exchange 1C, given the characteristics of your online store and the current business processes.

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The integration of the store with trading platforms and Google Merchant and Yandex.Market

Google Merchant is a Google service, which is a catalog of products of different categories and allows customers to search products and sellers to put them on sale, increasing thus the conversion shop.

Yandex.Market is a similar service from Yandex.

What do trading platforms offer?

  • detailed description of the goods and their characteristics;
  • shops and goods ratings;
  • reviews;
  • product reviews;
  • search nearby shops, choice of goods at the best price;
  • ordering directly on the trading platform or Google Merchant of Yandex.Market;

The integration of an online store with these marketplaces is a regular boot structured file in xml format for Google and yml (xml) for Yandex.

Integrating online store with social networks:

Integration the store with social networks through modules that have different capabilities: unloading of goods from the store to a social network, repost through social networks, authorization through social network etc.

  • Fee-paying: Goods export to VK, goods export to Classmates (Odnoklassniki), retargeting for VK, Open Graph and others.
  • Free: Placing of goods on the wall VKontakte, Cackle Reviews (reviews), Meta tags Facebook, Follow us and others.