What is virtual hosting?

For now virtual hosting is picking up steam  - it is hosting of the future and convenient and effective tool for any business. If we compare the traditional hosting service and virtual, in the case when on a traditional hosting, there are problems with one of the sites on the server, this load can affect the entire server, and that in the future could adversely affect the sites of other customers.

Virtual (cloud) hosting represents something new in the online business, which is implemented on the basis of cloud service (Software as a Service), which supports JavaScript LVE - Light Virtual Environment. The advantage of this technology is its ability to "blockade" of resources. In this connection, other clients' Internet resources  consume Web server reserves directly within its borders and in accordance with the ordered service plan.  Personal server is in your hands!

Ability to isolate is the main feature of virtual hosting, which can be trusted:

  • protecting your server from the load to the site;
  • crime prevention;
  • insulation vulnerable "neighbors" on your resources;

Safe productive area

Windows-and Linux hosting technology based on virtual OS and organizes site data in a cluster. Such a method multiplies the performance of Internet resources and their resiliency. When one of the servers fails, then the load redistributes with a special balancer on all other servers.

Rent a Server

Service "Rent a Server": is given to the user (Client) a separate physical server. Rent used to store different amounts of client's resource (s) data, also it is practiced for work with virtual services (SaaS technology). Dedicated servers for rent are located in secure centers of collection and store information, often in Europe.