This project is aimed at the comprehensive automation of a company's business processes, using cutting edge technologies both in business system design and application development. An important feature is the possibility of maximally simple integration with web resources and other IT structures of the company. The goal is to develop an ideal, in terms of both development timetable and costs, solution for small and large businesses, which would provide a management system for the company as well as for its individual departments.


In the 21st century, enterprise resource planning system (ERP) has become a key element in the operations of any organization which keeps up with modern technology. It is difficult to imagine global chains of goods movement and information routes without the systems of this scale. The implementation of an ERP system becomes the foremost challenge for a growing number of organizations which recognize the unavoidable need in standardization and centralization of business processes and information flow, caused by the tenets of market ecology.

The purpose of the Center for Integral Resolutions is to unite the web development and business applications professionals working with the Python programming language.

The approach to infrastructure includes all aspects of modern requirements to business management systems, such as the installation of server infrastructure using the customer's own capabilities, or the facilitation of the possibilities to use the SaaS (Software as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service) model systems via latest technology cloud services.

Main areas of specialization:

  • consulting in the ICT field;
  • deployment of server infrastructure sites;
  • development of high-load web solutions;
  • enhancement and implementation of ERP systems.