Development of human resources and professional experience is among our foremost goals, second only to the drive to accomplish our mission. Excellence and achievement of the objectives we set is directly related to building a successful team.

In their professional efforts, managers in GK ITcraft observe the following principles:

  • Be open for new ideas coming from any source;
  • Go by quality, minimize overhead costs and maximize advantages over the competition;
  • Be confident enough so as to lead others by example and act without reservations;
  • Create a clear, simple vision based on reality and spread it among colleagues;
  • Be highly energetic and able to pass this quality on to others;
  • Set bold goals, reward accomplishments, know their responsibilities and loyalties;
  • View change as an opportunity, not a threat;
  • Be able to think globally and build diverse teams transcending any geographic boundaries;
  • Display drive to excellence and condemn bureaucracy.

Important goals the management sets for itself:

  • Balance short-term and long-term requirements of investors, clients and colleagues.
  • Maintain clients' confidence by accomplishing quarterly objectives and developing long-term vision to facilitate the emergence of new opportunities.
  • Seek possible ways to maintain growth while simultaneously managing costs and have clear strategy for both directions.