GK ITCraft shows up at the automation market in Russia and CIS countries aimed at comprehensive automation of business processes using a solution of 1C: Enterprise 8.2 in managed mode shapes.    The main objective to provide competitive modern IT solutions for a wide range of small and medium business is the development and refinement of the functionality of the software product 1C on many fronts : from automation to Internet commerce logistics management and integration with call centers based on Asterisk.


The project for leasing decisions on 1C: Enterprise 8.2 mode SaaS (Service as a service ) GC Itcraft sees:

- For customers:

  • provide an information system to meet the basic needs of the client with minimal initial investment, the possibility of its completion, high level of reliability and support;
  • reduce all the difficulties implementing automation systems management activities and accounting to the selection of the most appropriate solutions with a minimal amount of its completions with appropriate standardization own business processes which also will have a positive effect on the activity;
  • availability of teaching materials both from the developer solution and from existing customers as formed knowledge base in the use and support of software products database administrators;
  • the use of business representatives licensed software with high quality and timely services that do not require the purchase of investment licenses.

- For administrators:

  • have the ability to remotely maintain and rework solutions to the needs of the client;
  • consulting services using a common knowledge base;
  • opportunity to get qualified support from the developers themselves solutions used by the client or only planned to use them;
  • organize a community of professionals in which customers can choose a suitable transparent for yourself administrator skills and quality of service.

- For developers and companies franchisee:

  • expand the geography of its customers by putting their copyright decisions in the lease;
  • the possibility of using a cloud infrastructure to support its customers and the introduction of advanced IT solutions.