Mission and goals

Business process is an efficient and competent work corresponding sequence of steps and functions aimed at achieving the goals of a company, as well as the development of business innovation.

The mission of GK ITcraft is:

Creation of a cooperative network with its clients and common strategy effort aimed at developing management innovations for the purpose of offering to the end consumer a competitive product.

All genuine management and organizational innovations are concerned with the improvement of the processes affecting the value. If the enterprise does not improve its ability to define the value, either by raising productivity or via increasing the efficiency of current operations, or if it does not learn to create new leverages influencing the value, this means negative results not only for the enterprise itself, but also for its service providers. Thus, we see our strategy in the following:

  • To increase the additional value within the company group through creation of new products and services as well as by minimizing the costs and raising productivity.
  • The group's objectives are to encourage and cause positive changes throughout the whole partnership network, to practice collaboration in resolving problems of development of innovations and broadening their spectrum.