Our team

The goal of the team approach in the operations of ITcraft, Inc. is the creation of a networking system with its main resource being technical and managerial talents, without any limitation on their geographic location. We consider intellectual capital and knowledge the company's most important asset. Our team members must be prepared to discard old concepts and learn new ideas, to eschew old ways for new ones and be constantly open for experimenting.

Our methods:

  • Facilitation and improvement of team education;
  • Providing each team member with chances to try out any and all innovative ideas so as to promote creative habits;
  • Encouragement of flexible workers who are ready to learn constantly, change and be aware of the newest advancements in their field; Consideration of dynamically changing needs of individuals, be they outside hires or parts of the company's core;
  • Facilitation of development of close working relationships among colleagues; Incentives for sharing the team's and company's objectives and participation in the process of their achievement and celebration of success;
  • Mature leadership based on participation in the decision-making process, sharing responsibility and information, trust, counsel, reciprocation and loyalty.

We follow an alternative system of employment, within which talent and knowledge are paramount. In the era of easy access to education, new technologies able to connect an individual instantly to huge amounts of information, and communication channels breaking through the old space and time boundaries, there is a general tendency towards forming relationships with remote collaborators (freelancers) and/or teams. We see a greatly promising perspective in this kind of collaboration, for the following reasons:

  • The opportunity to balance one's workload in accordance with one's family situation and personal lifestyle;
  • The ability to improve one's skills and abilities on one's own initiative, with the intention to participate in more interesting projects and teams;
  • The chance to explain logically the leadership's inefficiency and use one's own means to achieve goals;
  • And, naturally, the whole set of positive characteristics of the freelance work process: flexible working schedule, the ability to form semi- independent working teams, efficiency-based earnings, the power to affect the quality of the end product.

Thus, our strategy in the area of human resources management in times of growing self-awareness trends within our society is the development of individuals, entrepreneurs within the context of their own lives, who actively participate in creation and maintenance of their own personality in terms of knowledge, abilities and skills.