A platform which enables all players on the electronic market following the B2B, B2C or B2G model and the market structures catering to these fields (logistics companies, auction firms, financial institutions, third party payment aggregators and others) to interact with utmost ease.


A commercial portal development project, which would unite market agents from various industries into one chain of goods and communications interaction via implementation of networking and standardization of business relationships.

Main goal is to increase the efficiency of goods movement from the producer (distributor) to the end consumer.

We realize that such infrastructure agents as logistics operators, financial institutions, insurance agencies, marketing companies, customs brokers and agents, government agencies responsible for overseeing commercial operations and goods (certification and licensing), IT companies, etc. play major roles in the process of goods movement from the producer to the end consumer and greatly influence the prices of the goods and the speed of meeting the market demand. Consequently, we see as our goal the creation, deployment and maintenance of an IT structure where the interaction of all agents participating in the market relationships could take place, as well as foreseeing and implementation of the necessary requirements for it.