Approach to work

In business coordination, GK ITcraft uses a multilevel approach:

  1. Strategic center (management, lead developers) – the organizer of production network
  2. Profit centers (product line, support, consulting)
  3. Knowledge centers (innovations, personnel)

Paradoxically, it is the smaller companies that create favorable conditions for specialization, experience buildup and productive flexibility – all the core components of the innovation process. One must also keep in mind that every individual agent always relies on a network of relationships, since a whole chain of companies, each having its own coordinator (strategic center), participates in the process of attaining the goal: occupy a unique market niche from the end consumer's point of view. And our understanding of success is success shared between all throughout the whole chain of value creation.

The philosophy of building a team within the ITcraft company group is based on the balance between the company requirements for predictability and efficiency and the needs of individual staff members, within the framework of which each side brings forth its strategic and personal plans and the willingness to arrive at a certain common ground. In our team, we strive not just for treating each other well, but for genuine mutual respect among individuals. If this standpoint seems attractive to you, then we speak the same language.

In education of new colleagues we use action learning and take advantage of real business situations as the basis for professional education and development (of course, if the situation is not critical for the client).

General team member requirements:

  • working hard;
  • seeing task through to the end;
  • inquisitiveness;
  • persistence;
  • and of course, the will and willingness to see the company among the winners in its market segment.