Concept Logic is an innovative digital agency offering full spectrum of services in the area of web development and comprehensive Internet marketing. We are unafraid of complicated and highly demanding projects, we welcome challenging tasks which ultimately sharpen our professional skills. Our main principle is the detailed analysis of strategic goals and tasks at the planning stage of development of a web solution or campaign, based on which next we determine necessary resources as well as calculate indices of investment return.

Concept Logic

The company was founded in 2005 and the main motto of its team has always been “Working for Results.” The Internet technology market is constantly evolving and we and our projects evolve alongside it. Since our inception we have created a multitude of corporate and brochure-type sites, and beginning with 2010 our main focus has been high-load Internet solutions in the areas of e-commerce and corporate portals.

Internet marketing is an essential service of the Concept Logic company, since building a website is never enough for success: it is necessary to gain popularity of the target demographic. That is the role of the professionals specializing in search engine optimization and promotion of web sites and web apps.

We are glad to offer excellent web design for any type of website, from a 3-page online brochure to an Internet storefront with 12,000 items. All our solutions are CMS-integrated, allowing for simple content updates, easy data entry and dynamic evolution of the site.

Any solution needs quality infrastructure. At some point in our history we decided to set up our own data center in order to provide hosting services to high-load Internet solutions and online stores.

One of the direct services provided by Concept Logic is Internet consulting, which is aimed at determining clients' capabilities based on their needs and resources. As with all the other companies in the GK ITcraft company group, Concept Logic pays the utmost attention to the synergistic integration of its team with customer's staff and the personnel of the third party service providers, in order to achieve common strategic objectives on the market.