Buho.pro is a ready-to-go product on the market of solutions for comprehensive automation of business processes with open source code. The project presents its consulting services in the field of e-commerce. Support large-scale Internet e-commerce projects at all stages of development.


In the beginning of the 21st century ERP systems of business management as well as e-commerce are becoming mandatory attributes of business operations and have direct influence on them at the global market, where the heat of competition rises daily. The paradigm of information distribution and its quality management come out as critical elements of efficiency and competitiveness of a business. The operation of these systems gradually transcends the boundaries of an individual organization with the purpose of forming partnership networks and effective communication channels for worldwide interaction with customers.

The solution is cross-platform has been developed with Java Platform Enterprise Edition (J2EE) and has an independent database server and application server.

The software application has been developed using the Service-Oriented Architecture model (SOA), which provides for easy integration with other solutions either based on Buho.Pro or third party applications such as SAP, 1C and Oracle.

Buho.pro is a project that is able to resolve the issues scale level at all stages of development of electronic commerce.