The project is aimed at building a scalable cloud infrastructure and providing the service of remote IP video surveillance on the PaaS (Platform as a Service) model for local franchises, with the goal of managing client connections and infrastructure. The end target demographic of the cloud service are households and small businesses as well as private security firms responsible for video surveillance at large infrastructure objects.


The platform is used to develop online service of remote video surveillance via IP hardware (IP video cameras, IP DVR and NVR), which enable a registered user to:

  • connect video hardware to the system,
  • play video (or audio) in real time,
  • turn on automatic recording in different modes (schedule, motion detector, events supported by IP hardware),
  • set up notification mode, view record archives and event logs.

Camera connection options:

  • Plug&Play – This mode provides minimum client-side settings thanks to the utilization of modified video cam software. In fact, the end user (subscriber) needs only to enter their IP settings and register the camera in the system through the subscription web portal. This option allows for contract-based distribution of hardware via a network of dealers or retail partners.
  • Direct connect – for video cameras with RTSP support.

The service is available freely to all registered users within certain limitations (no more than 1 IP hardware item per 1 registered user, no more than 24 hours of recorded video, notifications by e-mail only).

The limitations can be removed for a fee: the user selects the desired service option and buys the subscription.

It is planned that the service will be able to work with any kind of IP hardware with RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol) support, which allows for request-based transmission.