Basic tips for basic webmastering

This article shows the basic webmastering and some useful tips. When you’ve add your site URL to a search engine, add the site to the Webmaster tools services (Google, Bing, Rambler etc.). To add site to the webmaster tools needs a confirmation that you’re the site owner by placing a verification meta tag in Head or TXT document (to the root). Meta tag is better and simplier because when you’ve got no rights to add this verification to the site root you can place it by yourself from admin pannel. E.g this is Google webmaster verification meta tag:

how to verificate webmaster rights

Now you can add sitemap.xml here for better crawling (indexing):

Google crawling

At the webmaster panel you can find the basic analytic information on your site, your traffic and also set your own settings. Traffic on a website plays an important role. When your site has great traffic it’s better for promotion. So in this case socialization helps a lot, but when you’ve got a lot of followers, friends, etc.

Site appearance: structured data and data highlighter is usefull but when you are making a structured data there should be done some changes in the HTML code on the site by a programmer.

Search traffic: here you can find search queries, the statistics where the impressions is the quantity when the site was shown up. The right column performs the site position on this query at that time. Localization also plays an important role in search query. Search engines show up more specific sites that will be likely interesting for a user.

   Search queries

Links to your site: shows the quantity of external links from different sites to your. The bigger the Page Google Rank an external site has - the better. You can create profiles on different profile sites and place there in contact info link to your site. Add url on free website catalogues, place articles on different article catalogues with links to your site. But take into account the quality of website catalogues and other resources.

Crawl: here you can see error list on your website (404 errors etc). When Google crawler finds 404 error page, you should decide wether to make a redirect to another page or close an access for crawler to this page in robots.txt file.

Crawl errors

Labs - Author stats: here you can add your own search queries that of interest for you concerning the site and see the stats later.