Site automation: 8-800 for free on site

Site automation — development of software web-based solutions that will allow in further to manage web content and control various functions automatically and also solve any problems. When you need constant updating of huge volumes of information (commodity price, availability, options (color or size range), etc.) it stands different. If you make these changes manually so it will be expensively, but by using special site software automation (apps, modules) time to make changes on the site is reduced significantly.

This automation of business processes driven by the integration of the data generated by the export of finished base, for example, in the accounting system (1C, Excel, another database) to the site database. The result is an integrated infrastructure that combines two systems - the accounting system and content management.

Automation site can also occur at the level of just a content management system (CMS) — the publication page on a certain date (the postponed publication), the removal of articles, news or a page (for example, with the action), with publication to achieve a certain date backups.

By means of automating the site can also be attributed service "Call from the site." Installation of free calls to the site from all regions for your customers - the most effective and convenient method, which is suitable for users of the website. 8-800 free call from site is able to increase the percentage of applications, as well as, in certain opportunities, will enable to trace the sources of advertising.

8-800 phone number — a useful method to automate any type of business and thematic focus: online store, landing, corporate site, online business card. If you are interested in access to the regional market, but there is no call from the site, then this state is an urgent need to correct. According to statistics, the buyers will gladly talk to managers, leaving the application through calls, especially if they call for free.

Call or application:

Online application. Such a tool will help you to collect customer contact details from your online store or site, if managers can not answer the call.

Free call from site. Instant call from manager in which the client registers his phone number and store operator calls back to the visitor. Or the user clicks on the "Call from the site" and then the call goes directly to the manager of your Call-center.

8-800 — a number of companies that are focused on the Russian market. If you are looking for customers directly in the same city, the 8-800 number does not suit you. However, a call from the site for any type of business — the best option.

If you do not have a website to expand clientele, we advise you to order the creation of a site in St. Petersburg. Be mobile for your customers!